“Establishment of the IUNCBD University Network – Chepkoilel University Centre for Culture and Biological Diversity”, Eldoret, 2011 November 28th

October 15, 2013 in Events

Presentations Download Area:

  1. “Community and Cultural involvement on CBD: Opportunities and Challenges”, Agnes Yobterik, Ministry of Environment and Mineral resources (Kenya), Dr Mark Kiptu, Moi University (Kenya)
  2. Linking Policy to Education, Science and Society”, Prof Pierluigi Bozzi, Antananarivo University, Coordinator of the International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity  (IUNCBD)
  3. “The place of Biodiversity and Culture in African Institutions”, Prof J.B. Okeyo-Owuor, Moi University, School of Environmental Studies,  Department of Biology and Health
  4. “Aspiration of the CBD center based at Chepkoilel University College”, Prof Odipo Osano, Moi University, School of Environmental Studies
  5. “Use of Biotechnology in the Management of Biodiversity”, Prof. Augustino Onkware and Dr. Donald Otieno, Moi University, Department of Biological Sciences
  6. “Biodiversity: Law and Institutions Biodiversity: Law and Institutions”, Prof Kiboyye Okoth-Yogo, Moi University