4th Symposium on Biodiversity and Nature Conservation – Aquatic Biodiversity , Arba Minch University (Ethiopia), 2013 May 22-23

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The IUNCBD University Network celebrated the  International Day for Biological Diversity at Arba Minch University (AMU), Ethiopia. 
Arba Minch University – IUNCBD Network member – hold the  “4th Symposium on Biodiversity and Nature Conservation – Aquatic Biodiversity”, 2013 May 22-23.
Arba Minch University is located in an astonishing cultural and biological diversity spot area in the South of Ethiopia.
Research papers on the following topics have been invited to be presented at the Symposium: 
Theme 1: Water and Biodiversity

  • Water Resources Management
  • Watershed Management and Restoration
  • Aquatic Biodiversity
  • Inland Water Biodiversity 

Theme 2: Ecosystem and Biodiversity

  • Ecosystems Analysis, Protection & Remediation
  • Biodiversity Conservation & Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Terrestrial Biodiversity
  • Wetland Biodiversity
  • Agro-biodiversity 

Theme 3: Alternative Energy Sources

  • Energy Resources Management
  • Bio-fuels Technology
  • Renewable Energy Production 

Theme 4: Climate Modeling & Natural Resources

  • Climate Change & Natural Resources Management
  • Biodiversity in a Changing Climate
  • Carbon Trading 

5: Societal Challenges

  • Gender and Natural Resources Conservation
  • Human Population Growth Vis-à-vis Biodiversity
  • Social and Cultural Issues in relation to Biodiversity and Natural Resources
  • Biodiversity Conservation Vis-a-Vis Poverty Reduction
  • Economics of Biodiversity
  • Intellectual property, Biogenetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge
  • Biodiversity and Tourism Development
Presentations Download Area:

  1. “Threats, Economic Value and Management Interventions for Restoration of Lake Chitu”, Girum Faris, Ethiopian Institute of Biodiversity – Microbial Biodiversity sub Directorate Algae case team
  2. “Lake Chamo and its Biodiversity at Cross Roads: implications of letting business as usual”, Misikire Tessema (PhD), Institute of Biodiversity Conservation (Ethiopia)
  3. “The Role of Exotic Fish Species: Carp and Catfish in Lake Ziway Ecosystem”, Mathewos Hailu, Ziway Fisheries Resources Research Centre
  4. “Determining the Assimilation Capacity of Lake Tana: Focusing on Anthropogenic Activities”, Hailu Sheferaw
  5. “Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of Jatropha curcas (Linn.) seed cake for production of bioethanol: a biotechnological approach”, Abebe G. Demissie, Prof. Smita S. Lele, Institute of Chemical Technology (Deemed University), University of Mumbai
  6. “Transdisciplinary Science/New Approach and Methodology for Integrated Water  Resources and Sustainable Development”, Yohannes Zerihun, Ministry of Water and Energy (Ethiopia)- link1 - link2
  7. “Towards Sustainable Management of Chamo Lake-Wetland Biodiversity Resources: Geospatially Supported Approach”, Alemayehu Hailemicael Mezgebe (PhD) and Professor A.J. Solomon Raju
  8. “Production and Characterization of Biodiesel from Brebra (Millettia ferruginea) Seed Oil”, Berhanu Andualem, University of Gondar (Ethiopia)
  9. “Biomass and Production of Major Zooplankton in Lake Kuriftu”, Eshete Assefa, Arba Minch University (Ethiopia)
  10. “The International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity (IUNCBD) The Action Plan “Biodiversity 2020, Linking Education Science Policy and Society” – The Role of Arba Minch University, Prof. Pierluigi Bozzi, University of Antananarivo, – Coordinator  “International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity”