PhD Scholarship CIFOR: Citizen science to improve water provisioning and landscape management in the ‘water towers’ of East Africa

February 6, 2017 in Events, Other Categories

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PhD Scholarship CIFOR / Lancaster University UK / Justus Liebig University Giessen Germany

This PhD project will test and implement a citizen science approach as a low-cost strategy for monitoring water resources in two water towers of East Africa. This project will study the hydrological functioning of the Western and SW Mau and Mt Elgon, and how this is related to tree cover and land management. The research will support water resource use plans, developed by the communities and the institutions that are custodians of the forest and water resources. Studentship funding: Full studentship (stipend (£14,296 [tax free] and tuition fees) for 3 years. Excellent candidates from Kenya and Uganda are highly encouraged to apply. 

Deadline: 28-2-2017

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